I. All India ‘Data Quest-Cyber Media Research’ survey- May 2015


Congratulations!!!!! SJBIT is

* Ranked No. 1 in Karnataka,(Amongst VTU Affiliated Private Engg colleges)

* Ranked No. 5 in South India(Among the Private Engg. Colleges)

* Ranked No. 14 in India(Among the Private Engg. Colleges)

Note: Above fact is based on All India ‘Data Quest-Cyber Media Research’ survey- May 2015, to grade the Engineering Colleges in India.

Click to know the details: http://www.dqindia.com/indias-best-private-t-schools-ranked-for-the-first-time/

II. Project of the Year

SJBIT has secured “Project of the Year” award in the 39th Student Project Programme (Engineering) held on 19th August 2016; organized by Karnataka State Council for Science & Technology at DPGH College of Engineering & Technology, Vijayapura. The innovative project entitled “Extraction and analysis of EEG signals for the detection of ADHD syndrome- a novel approach” was done by the students: Chandana, Sushmitha Pol, Usha S Karthik from ECE department guided by Dr K V Mahendra Prashanth.

III. Winner of National Employability Award-2013 and 2014

Aspiring Minds recognize those colleges whose students are highly employable by the industry. There are two things which set the awards apart from any other college awards or rankings.

1.It is on basis of the employability of students. i.e. how ready are the final year students of the college to take-up and succeed in various roles in the industry. Aspring minds is the leader in quantifying employability in India and publishes the Annual National Employability Report for Engineers every year.

2.The award is based on an objective measurement of outcome rather than a subjective evaluation of input parameters such as infrastructure, number/quality of teachers etc. It is based on the performance of the students of the class of 2013 and 2014 in AMCAT, India's largest employability test, Based on the objective scores, the employability of the students was analyzed in the IT and Engineering sectors, which formed the basis of the awards.

This year a total of 45 colleges were awarded out of more than 3000 engineering colleges across the Nation, we are proud to say that SJBIT is one among the 45 colleges awarded for 2013 and 2014

IV. Shikshana Shilpi

Karnataka Jnana Vijnana Samithi, Bengaluru has conferred “Shikshana Shilpi” award to Dr. K V Mahendra Prashanth, Professor & Chief coordinator (PG & R&D) on 27th Jan 2017 at Mangalore. This honour is in recognition of his contributions rendered for almost two decades as a Teacher and Researcher. Reverend Sri Sri Prkashnath Swamiji, Managing Director, BGS group of institutions, the principal ,HOD’s of SJBIT have congratulated him for having brought laurel to SJBIT.

V. Ranks Secured in VTU Examinations

Sl. No. Name of the Student Department Academic Year Rank Percentage Photo
1 SHIVANAND GADIGEPPA BIRADI Mechanical-PG-MD 2015-16 Gold Medal 1st Rank 87.04%
2 CHANDRIKA N CSE-PG-CE 2015-16 Gold Medal 1st Rank 80.04%
3 SANDHYA N CSE-PG-CE 2015-16 2nd Rank 79.75%
4 RASHMI C R ECE-PG-DCN 2015-16 2nd Rank 82.75%
5 ABHILASHA C P ECE-PG-DE 2015-16 3rd Rank 81.42%
6 MAMATHA M PANDITH ECE-PG-DCN 2015-16 3rd Rank 82.21%
7 JAGADISH KOTAGI CSE-PG-CE 2015-16 3rd Rank 79.54%
8 CHETAN G KULKARNI ECE 2015-16 9th Rank 83.86%
9 KARTHIK B MBA 2015-16 9th Rank 78.43%
10 SHWETHA G S CSE-PG-CE 2014-15 Gold Medal 1st Rank 83.71%
12 PREETHI A ECE 2014-15 2 87.22%
13 ASHWINI.S.R ECE-PG-DCN 2014-15 3 84.50%
14 SRINIVAS THAMMINI CSE-PG-CE 2014-15 3 80.04%
15 SONALI BHARTI CSE 2014-15 4 83.94%
16 JAGADISH S Mechanical Engg. 2014-15 5 84.87%
17 VARSHA B CSE 2014-15 6 83.59%
18 ABHINAV M B Civil Engg. 2014-15 8 86.06%
19 SHEETHAL J R ISE 2014-15 9 81.54%
20 RAVISHEK KUMAR Mechanical Engg. 2014-15 9 84.58%
21 VARSHA K S ECE 2014-15 10 84.35%
22 Prakruthi H L ECE-PG-DE 2013-14 Gold Medal 1st Rank 83.96%
23 Chaitra M CSE-PG-CE 2013-14 Gold Medal 1st Rank 88.46%
24 Vinayashree M S CSE-PG-CE 2013-14 2nd Rank 86.83%
25 Bhaavan M CSE-PG-CE 2013-14 3rd Rank 86.46%
26 Priyanka D Rao EEE-UG 2013-14 4th Rank 87.30%
27 Anand G Hegde Mechanical-UG 2013-14 7th Rank 84.87%
28 Sushma H ISE-UG 2013-14 7th Rank 81.80%
29 Samhitha S ISE-UG 2012-13 3rd Rank 83.45%
30 Arundhathi M V Civil-UG 2012-13 5th Rank 88.78%
31 Monisha S EEE-UG 2012-13 6th Rank 85.68%
32 Deepak K M CSE-PG-CE 2012-13 Gold Medal 1st Rank 87.00%
33 Asha V CSE-PG-CE 2012-13 2nd Rank 85.67%
34 Maheen U CSE-PG-CE 2012-13 3rd Rank 83.42%
35 Sneha M ISE-PG-CNE 2012-13 2nd Rank 83.63%
36 Veena Bhat ECE-PG-DE 2012-13 3rd Rank 83.58%
37 Manasa K P CSE-PG-CE 2011-12 Gold Medal 1st Rank 84.00%
38 Sowmya C J CSE-PG-CE 2011-12 2nd Rank 83.13%
39 Medha Gourayya CSE-PG-CE 2011-12 3rd Rank 82.08%
40 Shankar C ECE-PG-DCN 2011-12 3rd Rank 83.53%
41 Nisha Iftekhar ISE-UG 2010-11 8th Rank 82.35%
42 Navya N CSE-PG-CSE 2010-11 3rd Rank 83.70%


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