National Level Management & Cultural Fest

About the fest:

The best way to predict the future is to create one for over selves. By exploring the challenges and opportunities in the current exciting globe market. The fest aims at motivating the young budding management students to explore their talents and learn the leadership skills. In order to succeed, one’s desire for success should be greater than the fear of failure. This forum is a sincere effort for providing a platform to ignite the minds of young and dynamic prospective managers.

Objective of the fest:

 The fest is organized to explore nationwide young management students from the various states to exhibit their leadership skills and to gain insight into the significant challenges & also a social platform to execute the ideas which is currently being addressed in the fest.

 This is an absolute platform to overcome the initial inhibitions in developing the managerial skills and inspire the student participants for their future carrier.

 To make understand the students the trends in the field of management and help them to adapt to the changing business environment & help them to meet future challenges in the current global scenario.

Theme of the fest:

Dashavathara is the vital theme of Arnav-2015. The theme represents the power of positive thinking, humanity, determination and transformational strategies to survive and excel in the dynamic and competitive world. We relate the various Avataras of lord Vishnu the different management and cultural events of the fest. It portrays lord Vishnu creativity, knowledge, leadership, power, managerial skills, communications skills and strategic Acumen of lord Krishna to protect the humanity and universe at large.

Events of the fest

1. Samvaha- HR event

2. Vipanapani- Marketing event

3. Parivarta – Finance event

4. Sarvabhauma – Best manager

5. Bodhi Satva – Quiz

6. Trivikrama – Technical event

7. Krida Bhargava – Sports events

8. Samudramanthana- Team events

9. Gokulotsava- Cultural events

10. Sarvtobhadra – Multimedia events.


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